Data in Action: How Life Events Can Get You Listings

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You hear a lot about “Big Data”. Maybe it brings to mind number-crunching scientists or endless spreadsheets. Really, big data is just a broad term referring to the explosion in data in today’s world, along with the tools used to collect and make sense of it all.

Computers and smartphones let us now track virtually anything – supermarket purchases, web history, credit scores, for example – with amazing accuracy. Meanwhile, advances in computing power allow us to analyze these vast troves of data; we can detect trends and patterns among apparently random information.

Some of the interesting insights gleaned by big data include the types of music enjoyed by students from different colleges, dating preferences, and even the biggest sports droughts.

Big data also offers potential benefits for real estate professionals. Successful agents are experts at selling their clients’ homes for the most money and providing valuable consultation while doing it. But many struggle to handle all this and find new seller listings.

Nearly every agent uses tools such as social media, direct mail, and email to establish his or her brand and unique value proposition locally. However, these efforts can be laborious and often rely on guesswork.

By employing big data, real estate professionals can reduce the time they spend on marketing while increasing its effectiveness.

Last week, the Wall Street Journal explained how savvy agents are using big data to track and market to likely sellers. An agent using LeadsToday was the story’s lead anecdote:

Sitting in bed at 1:40 a.m. one morning last November, Jon Hoefling was thinking about selling his 4,300-square-foot home in Morgan Hill, Calif. While browsing Facebook on his phone, he clicked on a real-estate ad
offering to estimate his home’s value. His future listing agent, who paid for the ad, was waiting.

Mr. Hoefling, the 50-year-old owner of an office-furniture resale company, had been targeted for the ad—along with 1,500 others in California’s Silicon Valley area—by an algorithm that identified him as a likely home seller. The telltale signs: Mr. Hoefling has lived in the home for more than 15 years, and his home’s market value is high for the area. Most important, his youngest son will soon leave for college. Empty nesters might as well wear a bull’s-eye.

Brett Jennings, the real estate agent who advertised to Mr. Hoefling, could find and market to this valuable prospect by using big data and the LeadsToday platform.

Big data might sound intimidating, but with LeadsToday, it’s completely accessible and manageable. Life Events – like Mr. Hoefling’s – trigger our software to import the best leads directly into users’ dashboards. Then, our Done-For-You marketing platform kicks in, developing your brand with these prospects using automated touches and ads.

You don’t need to be a NASA engineer to harness big data. LeadsToday can unlock its promise for you and take your real estate business to the next level.

Interested in learning more? Contact us today or attend one our of daily webinars to see the platform in action. We’re excited to put this powerful technology into the hands of busy real estate professionals and can’t wait to share it with you!