Finally, the Marketing Automation Software Used by the Big Guys is Available to Real Estate Agents

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More than 80% of the world’s top firms automate their marketing. It’s easy to see why: Marketing is a necessary but time-taxing enterprise. And the results can be unclear, which only adds to frustration.

Up until recently, marketing automation was only accessible to the IBMs and GEs of the world – even the most affordable enterprise marketing software costs upwards of $3,000 per month for a basic package.

For real estate agents operating on tight budgets and living on commissions, this is out of reach. Especially for small, family offices.

This is a shame. Since real estate agents in particular could benefit greatly from automating their marketing.

Selling homes is a business built on trust, client service and local presence, and word of mouth referrals from satisfied clients only go so far. Agents must then resort to outbound contacts like calls, emails, and direct mail to convey their unique value proposition in their local market.

Once in place, marketing automation software puts agents in front of their clients 24/7 across numerous channels with constant updates that are just not possible if they are doing these things manually.

Think about it: how long would it take you to call every prospect in your area?

Automation software also lets agents deliver targeted messaging to different types of prospects. For example, for expired listings, you could send regular updates on the current value of their unsold home with helpful tips on selling it.

Marketing automation software will handle this process for agents with tailored messaging for every type of lead, and 87% of firms say these types of targeted campaigns are their largest value driver.

Finally, marketing automation can help agents stay on top of marketing and win more business. Real estate is a competitive, and getting the listing appointment often comes down to timing. With marketing automation software, agents can plan messaging in advance and adhere a schedule that has been proven and refined over countless iterations.

They can be sure they’re staying present in the minds of their prospects – without being too aggressive – and be sure they will be the seller’s first choice when they go to list their home.

The numbers bear this out: brands using marketing automation programs see a conversion rate that’s 53% higher than those who don’t.

Now with LeadsToday, even independent real estate agents can have access to the same marketing tools that keep the world’s top firms top-of-mind – costing just a tiny fraction of the software that the Fortune 100 companies deploy, we are well within the budget of any real estate agent.

To learn more about how our done-for-you system can keep your phone ringing with new listing appointments, just attend one of our daily webinars.

We can’t wait to tell you more about how marketing automation can get you back to doing what you do best – selling homes.