Time & Money

For busy real estate professionals, these are the most precious of assets. Ironically, the real estate software market is crowded with expensive tools that don’t work well together, costing agents both. LeadsToday stands out from the crowded market by delivering a single platform for lead generation and lead management. Using our affordable, automated platform to identify and market to the best leads in your area, you can sign up new listings with a minimal investment of both time and money.

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A Team of Pioneers

LeadsToday was founded by a team of veteran software executives who had built and led several firms that were pioneers in the fields of digital marketing and consumer engagement. They noticed a troubling lack of viable technology resources available to real estate professionals. Forerunners in big-data predictive analytics since the 1990s, the LeadsToday founders used their expertise to put these revolutionary technologies into the hands of real estate professionals.

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Connecting Leads

Our Listings Tomorrow suite of marketing tools puts you in front of these prospects through social media retargeting, automated messaging, and email and postal outreach campaigns – developing a connection between your brand and your prospect, and promising that you’ll be their first choice when they choose to list their home.

LeadsToday’s Life Event leads use predictive analytics based on data from user-provided and public sources to identify the top prospects in your farm area. And we achieve this connection before your prospects even think about contacting a real estate agent.

Our Lead Generation Services

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